Week of July 17th-24th

Is a Revolution Coming to Crypto? Are Bitcoin and Ethereum in Trouble?

You may or may not have noticed that an interesting event occurred this week. This event could change the cryptocurrency markets as we know them. Bitcoin has always been the king of cryptocurrency in terms of market cap and many have long insisted it will never be challenged.

Recently many have suggested that Ethereum will flip Bitcoin in the next year or two. Ethereum has smart contracts and provides the backbone for NFTs, DeFi and yield farming. Etherium is moving to proof of stake. This means there is no mining or damage to the environment. …

Week of July 10th-17th

We have seen very little price movement for Bitcoin over the past couple of months. BTC seems to be stuck in the $30,000-$35,000 range with no clear direction.

Many are saying we are in a bear market. We have seen a dramatic drop in price from $60,000 and these bears only see the price decreasing further from here.

There have been many predictions that Bitcoin is going to crash hard and most of them have come from big banks and Wall Street. …

It’s been another interesting week for Bitcoin (BTC), blockchain and the cryptocurrency markets. Are there still any good people in the world? Are there any honest politicians anymore? Why would leaders of a nation risk humiliation and possible criminal investigations to try and lift their nation out of perpetual poverty? Could it be that we still have some brave men that are willing to do anything to help their nation.

The leaders of El Salvador quickly have found themselves being investigated for corruption after they dared to go against the IMF and chose BTC over the dollar.

Many countries…

The cryptocurrency markets have not been too exciting in the month of June. We’ve seen prices continue to erode and there hasn’t been as much to be optimistic about.

Traditionally July has been a good month for Bitcoin. There has been a lot of bad news recently and many investors have gotten out after seeing losses of over 50%. Will we see a rebound in July or have we entered a bear market?

There are several critical events that will be occurring in July. …

Week of June 12th-June 19th

If you have invested in cryptocurrencies for more than 2–3 years you have most likely fallen for a scam. There have been many projects and coins that have promised massive returns, only to evaporate and leave investors holding nothing. We always say to do your own research (DYOR). …

Week of June 5th — June 12th

This week the cryptocurrency world saw more Bitcoin FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) coming from the US government. Senator Elizabeth Warren, speaking at the Senate Banking subcommittee meeting, repeated much of the same environmental FUD that Elon Musk brought up weeks ago.

There appears to be a coordinated effort to push the narrative that Bitcoin is bad and dangerous to the environment. This has created a storm of controversy and Bitcoin supporters have pointed out that gold mining and even the banking industry use way more energy than Bitcoin.

Despite this continuing FUD of the harmful environmental impact…

Happy Birthday VAULT!!!

If you go to this website, https://99bitcoins.com/deadcoins/#nnbitcoins-deadcoins-list, you will find 1,647 dead cryptocurrencies. The sad thing for me is that I owned several of these altcoins. Many cryptocurrencies made a lot of promises but quickly fizzled out and were proven as frauds or scams.

Today if you do a quick review of masternodes.online, the most comprehensive masternode coin stats site, you will find that only 21 of the 227 coins listed have a value of over $1. And only 6 of 227 masternode coins are worth more than $5 per coin. One of these is VAULT. …

Week of May 15th — May 22nd

If you look up the term FUD in the dictionary, you get several definitions. In terms of cryptocurrency it has been used since the beginning to describe negative news. The urban dictionary has the following definition:

FUD is an acronym for “Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt” and is commonly used in the cryptocurrency community as a short way to describe negative information about a blockchain based currency or asset.

FUD has been around since the beginning of Bitcoin. It was long thought that Bitcoin was a passing fad and would never have any real or sustained value.

On May 22, 2010, Laszlo…

Week of May 8th — May 15th

This week we were reminded of the power that social media has on our lives, including for Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter have increasing influence on shaping public opinion on a variety of subjects from the US presidential elections to what Paris Hilton should wear to the next Hollywood premier party.

On Wednesday the power of Twitter was on full display with one single tweet:

With this simple tweet by Elon Musk of Tesla and SpaceX there was a massive drop in the price of Bitcoin and a controversy was renewed concerning what many…

Week of May 1st- May 8th

Friday was very interesting for Bitcoin (BTC). It was reported from on-chain monitoring resource Glassnode that 12,354 BTC ($694 million) was withdrawn from the Coinbase order book in a single hour. If you have been following these updates, you know that the number of BTC on exchanges has been evaporating quickly. Below is a chart showing the trend on Coinbase Pro.

Robert Cowherd

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