Week of September 4th — September 11th

Many people, especially those new to crypto, might be wondering how to choose a crypto exchange. It is almost impossible to tell you how many cryptocurrency exchanges there are currently. Many of these exchanges appear and disappear regularly. Currently, there are around 312 centralized exchanges listed on Coingecko.com with a daily volume >$1. They also list another 89 exchanges classified as decentralized exchanges.

Over the past 11 years, we have seen many exchanges fail. The most famous early exchange failure was Mt. Gox. This exchange was based in Tokyo, established by Jed McCaleb in July 2010 and sold to Mark…

Week of August 28th — September 4th

There are many ways to invest and save money. People use stock, gold, silver, and cryptocurrencies to accumulate dollars in their bank accounts. Some of the best investments are those that generate passive income by earning interest. Mutual funds, investment properties, dividend yielding stocks, and certain classes of cryptocurrencies can provide fixed and variable annual percentage rate (APR) yields. Today, I wanted to look at the power of these investment products and show you how they can produce life changing wealth.

For example, $10,000 invested over 40 years at 5% APR would generate $70,400. That is about seven times the…

August 21st — August 28th

This month we saw one on the biggest upgrades in cryptocurrency that has ever occurred. This change was known as the London hardfork of Ethereum. This protocol introduced EIP-1559. This protocol changes how transactions are processed and paid for on the Ethereum network. Previously, users were forced to bid for how much they were willing to pay to have their transaction accepted by a miner. With EIP-1559, the process is handled by an automated bidding system with a set fee amount that fluctuates with how congested the network is.

The other main component of EIP-1559 is that part of every…

Week of August 14th — August 21st

If you search Bitcoin on Twitter or YouTube there is one question that you see repeatedly. With the recent price moves we have seen over the past month, cryptocurrency investors, traders and speculators want to know, “Will Bitcoin reach $100,000 by the end of 2021?”

Even big investment groups like JP Morgan and Microstrategy are starting to weigh in on the question.

Bitcoin has had an impressive 50.4% increase in price over the past month. With these impressive gains, all the “experts” are predicting that the bull market is here and we are moving up.


Week of August 7th — August 14th

On 10 August, just over $600m in cryptocurrency assets were stolen from Poly Network, a system that allows users to transfer digital tokens from one blockchain to another. This started a unique set of events that made it one of the craziest weeks in crypto.

In an interesting twist, the Poly Network team wrote a letter to the hacker and urged him to return the funds.

Week of July 31st — August 7th

If you live in the United States then you have been hearing rumors this week that the Congress and Senate are looking at legislation to tax cryptocurrencies. These reports intensified as the Senate began voting on the 2,000-page document known as the Infrastructure Bill. This bill will provide nearly $1 trillion to update the Unites States’ roads, highways, and infrastructure.

The problem with this bill is that hidden inside is a new revised tax reporting requirement for cryptocurrency transactions. This requirement states that any broker must report transactions to the IRS as securities brokers are required to do for…

Week of 7–24–21 through 7–31–21

There are 8744 coins listed on coingecko.com. With all these coins, how do you choose which coins to invest in? Some people only want to stay with the largest market cap coins. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the largest in terms of market cap and are seen as the safest investments for most institutional investors.

Many altcoins have performed better than Bitcoin and Ethereum. Many people who have traded these coins have made huge gains and done well. Trading involves a lot of knowledge and luck. Billions of dollars are traded daily on numerous exchanges.

Once you buy your coins…

Week of July 17th-24th

Is a Revolution Coming to Crypto? Are Bitcoin and Ethereum in Trouble?

You may or may not have noticed that an interesting event occurred this week. This event could change the cryptocurrency markets as we know them. Bitcoin has always been the king of cryptocurrency in terms of market cap and many have long insisted it will never be challenged.

Recently many have suggested that Ethereum will flip Bitcoin in the next year or two. Ethereum has smart contracts and provides the backbone for NFTs, DeFi and yield farming. Etherium is moving to proof of stake. This means there is no mining or damage to the environment. …

Week of July 10th-17th

We have seen very little price movement for Bitcoin over the past couple of months. BTC seems to be stuck in the $30,000-$35,000 range with no clear direction.

Many are saying we are in a bear market. We have seen a dramatic drop in price from $60,000 and these bears only see the price decreasing further from here.

There have been many predictions that Bitcoin is going to crash hard and most of them have come from big banks and Wall Street. …

It’s been another interesting week for Bitcoin (BTC), blockchain and the cryptocurrency markets. Are there still any good people in the world? Are there any honest politicians anymore? Why would leaders of a nation risk humiliation and possible criminal investigations to try and lift their nation out of perpetual poverty? Could it be that we still have some brave men that are willing to do anything to help their nation.

The leaders of El Salvador quickly have found themselves being investigated for corruption after they dared to go against the IMF and chose BTC over the dollar.

Many countries…

Robert Cowherd

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