Bitcoin on the Move — VAULT Cryptocurrency Blockchain News #20

Week of August 14th — August 21st

If you search Bitcoin on Twitter or YouTube there is one question that you see repeatedly. With the recent price moves we have seen over the past month, cryptocurrency investors, traders and speculators want to know, “Will Bitcoin reach $100,000 by the end of 2021?”

Even big investment groups like JP Morgan and Microstrategy are starting to weigh in on the question.

Bitcoin has had an impressive 50.4% increase in price over the past month. With these impressive gains, all the “experts” are predicting that the bull market is here and we are moving up.

VAULT is tied to Bitcoin in terms of price (Minimum Guaranteed Price ). This means VAULT has also done well this past month. VAULT is up 36.8% this month. It is important for VAULT investors to watch and monitor Bitcoin price.

Will Bitcoin hit $100,000 by the end of the year? If it does what will the price of VAULT be? Stay tuned.

VAULT coin is much cheaper to buy than Bitcoin, and on VAULT platform you can earn ~26% ROI masternode rewards on VAULT coin , plus up to 25% APR on Bitcoin .

If you believe in Bitcoin, then VAULT is a logical option to consider for your investment portfolio (not financial advice, do your own research).

VAULT Crypto News This Week

TPC Delisting Notice

Due to the new direction of the TPC project, TPC will be delisted from VAULT Platform on August 24th 2021. Could all holders of TPC please remove those coins from VAULT platform as soon as possible.

We would like to wish TPC success for the future.

VAULT Investments provides a service to clients and is not responsible for projects listed or featured in its platform or ecosystem. Users should always DYOR.

ULG updated to v1.2.0.0

All masternodes restarted.

VAULT Coin’s Market Performance This Week

VAULT cryptocurrency had another good week, riding on Bitcoin’s coattails for a 2.3% price gain. We saw the high at $5.30 today. We had a low of $4.64 on Thursday. We closed out the week at $5.30, up from $4.92 last week for a gain of 2.3% for the week.

We saw an average of $984.77 traded daily. This fell below the $1,000 daily level and is slightly below last week’s number of $1,173.18.

VAULT coin trades on CREX24 and SouthXchange and we saw 100% of the trading volume this week occurring on CREX24. The Minimum Guaranteed Price buy wall of 1,000 VAULT at 10,500 Satoshi was maintained with 0.84 VAULT above the wall.

You might want to consider buying the VAULT dip and taking advantage of VAULT’s current 20% CRYO bonus VAULT coins special by placing a bid or market order soon and letting Ian | VAULT.Investments#4786 on VAULT Investments Discord know by August 31st, 2021 that you want to freeze coins for the bonus.

The current price is 10,766 Satoshi (0.00010766 BTC), above last week’s closing price of 10,501Satoshi (0.00010501 BTC).

In addition to the platform, products, use, and demand, VAULT continues to benefit greatly from being tied to Bitcoin. This week we saw BTC go up 2.9%.

VAULT has been rated a profitable investment on

Bitcoin (BTC) Update

Bitcoin is doing well. The price is going up. Everybody is saying $100,000 is right around the corner. This scares me.

Why would this scare me? I have been around Bitcoin since 2016. I have seen all the ups and downs. When there is a lot of hype and moon predictions, it usually means the price is in trouble. There is a term that you always want to keep in mind during these prosperous times. This term is called a “bull trap.”

This is a predictable pattern that we have seen numerous times with Bitcoin in the past. The price hits a new all-time high, then price goes down. The price shoots back up and people think the new all-time high is right around the corner, so everybody is seeing dollar signs and going long. Then, suddenly, the bottom falls out and a massive correction occurs. Most of these with Bitcoin have been as much as 85%. Here is an example of the classic chart.

Is Bitcoin heading for a bull trap? Nobody knows for sure. The one thing I do know from many years in crypto is that things are rarely as good as they appear. Always be cautious when it looks like a coin is going to the moon. You are always in danger of buying the top and watching the price tank on you.

Cryptocurrency News This Week

Private Keys Are Important

Almost a Bitcoin Millionaire But Only if He Knew His Password

Another Week, Another Rug Pull/Hack

Luna Yield, A Solana Yield Aggregator, Rug-pulls and Steals Almost $10 Million

Japanese Crypto Exchange Liquid Global Admits Being Hacked

Be Careful Shilling Ponzi Schemes

Bitconnect Promoters Must Pay Over $12M in Penalties

Thinking about Relocating? Consider Missouri

This Missouri Mayor Plans to Give $1,000 of Bitcoin to Every Inhabitant — With One Condition

No KYC, No Binance

Binance Rolls Out Mandatory KYC Requirements Amid Regulatory Woes

Big Boys Buying Crypto

Coinbase to Buy $500M of Cryptocurrencies and Invest 10% of Profits, Says CEO

World’s Largest Asset Manager BlackRock Owns $383M of Bitcoin Miners Stocks: Report

Wells Fargo Files to Launch a Bitcoin Fund

VAULT Crypto Portfolio Tracker

I wanted to give you a running tally of what you could potentially be earning with VAULT. The example I’m using is holding 1 CRYO VAULT masternode (CRYO VAULT is available here with 20% bonus VAULT until August 31st) with 0.1 BTC invested in the BTC% program (check it out here).

I wanted to show you what kind of returns you could be earning weekly and cumulatively.

One VAULT masternode of 1,000 VAULT with current ~26% ROI generated 4.98 VAULT blockchain rewards this week for a total of 110.34 VAULT over the past 21 weeks if you compounded your daily rewards with 100% reinvest on VAULT platform. Total is now 1,110.34 VAULT. The total dollar value earned was $584.80 at VAULT’s current price of $5.30. The total BTC value at VAULT’s current price (0.00010766 BTC) is 0.0118792.

Investing 0.1 BTC in the BTC% program earns you 11% APR, giving you a weekly return of 0.00021089 BTC. Over the last 21 weeks, this would be worth 0.00442869 BTC with a current value of $217.78.

The total value of your potential returns over the past 21weeks would be $802.58 or 0.0163 BTC.

We Are Here to Help You DYOR (Do Your Own Research)

I hope this week’s update on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency prices, news and being cautious in the face of FOMO was helpful.

If you have any questions please feel free to post or contact me Bobtilladhun ( or any team member on VAULT Investments Discord server:

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