How to Choose a Crypto Exchange — VAULT Cryptocurrency Blockchain News #23

Week of September 4th — September 11th

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  1. Be Cautious — Make sure that your exchange has a physical address and a defined country of origin. If there is no address listed, you should avoid the exchange. If you don’t know where the exchange is located then you don’t know what regulatory issues govern it. Secondly, if issues arise you want to know where to address the issues.
  2. Do Your Research — Make sure you check the reputation of the exchange you are considering. Do people complain about fees, inability to withdraw funds, or problems exchanging coins? What does the exchange say about itself? Have there been issues with hacks, poor customer service or long withdraw times?
  3. Go with Higher Security — Generally speaking, the harder it is to create an account on an exchange, the better. If you can secure your funds with 2FA, e-mail verification and phone verification, make sure you are utilizing these. You want to secure your funds as tightly as you can. Look for exchanges that secure a majority of their funds offline in a cold storage wallet.
  4. Beware of Fees and Pairs — The two major things that separate one exchange from another are what trading pairs they offer and what fees they charge to trade these pairs. Exchanges usually charge some type of fee for transactions carried out on their platform. These fees can be based on the size of the transactions, the level of your activity, whether you are acting as a maker or taker in the transaction, and sometimes if you are using the preferred coin on the platform to pay your fees. Make sure the fees correspond to your pattern of investing. For ERC 20 tokens, make sure you know what gas fees you will be charged.

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