Creating the Perfect Stablecoin

Why am I Invested in Vault- an interest-bearing stablecoin tied to BTC and not USD.

I have been investing in cryptocurrencies for many years. I bought my first BTC for $700. After BTC went to over $2000 I sold half of my coins and took a nice profit and have been playing with “free money” ever since.

Over the years I have invested in many projects. Some have been successful but many were flops.

I quickly learned the value of compound interest and looked for projects where I could multiply my BTC holdings. The challenge was finding a safe and reliable project to do that with. Years ago I was impressed with the team that had created an animal charity coin called PAWS. The same team developed Vault in hopes of changing some of the fundamental flaws with masternode coins. Vault Investments is still not even 2 years old and they have already solved many of the fundamental issues associated with investing in cryptocurrency and surpassed much larger funded projects by adding stability, scarcity, and safer returns for their growing pool of investors.

I have been an investor in VAULT coin from the start and what started as taking a chance on an interesting experiment has developed into one of my best investments over the past 2 years. Over the past few months, the Vault team has been gathering momentum with the release of some unique products with Stronghold and BTC% some of their best to date.

After a successful beta phase of Stronghold, an innovative offering from Vault Investments, it has entered the Alpha phase, which brings with it some new exciting and powerful changes.

Stronghold has been fine-tuned to make it more affordable for everyone to participate with exclusive benefits for Stronghold holders and a guaranteed return of 100 CRYO VAULT coins, as well as multiple benefits, bonuses, and free hosting for assets held on the VAULT Platform.

One of the best features of this activation is there are no fees! You can host numerous small-cap masternodes and not see your rewards vanish in hosting fees. They also remove fees for BTC withdraws. Most exchanges charge 20,000–80,000 satoshi which can eat into your profits quickly.

The other remarkable part of the stronghold program is that you can participate in the BTC% program. As I mentioned above, I’m all about safely earning interest on BTC. The high return BTC% program has been opened up to everyone. Maintaining the same structure as before, rewarding loyal investors in VAULT coin with the highest BTC return rates but with a lower minimum deposit. The BTC% return rates remain the same as before with possibly the most generous rates offered in BTC interest with a minimum of 5%, stepping up in tiers to the top tier of 25%, with these rates being held until January 1st, 2022.

The minimum 5% is paid to everyone without the need to hold any VAULT coins, but by holding only 500 CRYO VAULT coins, you would reach the next % tier to enjoy an 8% return on your BTC deposit, paid automatically every Monday and you still get to keep all rewards generated by holding your 500 coins.

Without any further investment and by using the BTC paid each Monday it is possible to buy more VAULT coins to grow and reach the next tier and so on. BTC% with the addition of VAULT coin working constantly can grow your BTC raising your holding in BTC and VAULT coin in parallel.

Since the original launch of Stronghold, VAULT Investments have announced VAULTility which pegs VAULT coin to a Minimum Guaranteed Price in sat, bringing stability and long term viability to investing in VAULT coin. Making BTC% and holding VAULT coins more rewarding.

By introducing VAULTility, VAULT coin excelled, where many of the top projects failed by delivering on development, only to leave their coin exposed to the volatility associated with crypto markets and Bitcoin in particular with the recent exponential rises in Bitcoin. These great projects have experienced drops in satoshi value of 60% or greater with their coins correcting back to USD levels. VAULT coin is following the rise in Bitcoin and with it the value in USD made possible by VAULTility.

VAULT Investments consists of a small highly skilled team that keeps on delivering its unique products and features. With the stability of VAULT coin and momentum building in development expected in 2021. VAULT coin could turn out to be one of the most exciting and perfect investments for the long-term investor.

I have looked over many projects and wanted to share with you the features and benefits of Vault coin that drew me in as an investor. Please do yourself a favor and DYOR. Look over the links below and do an honest comparison of Vault to other projects. I think you will find it has great potential to multiply your satoshi holdings and isn’t that the goal we are all striving toward. Feel free to hit me up on Discord or email me at if you have any questions or need further information.